• Welcome to Big Bird Plumbing
    Serving the Gig harbor and surrounding areas for almost twenty years.
  • Welcome to Big Bird Plumbing
    Serving the Gig harbor and surrounding areas for almost twenty years.
  • Welcome to Big Bird Plumbing
    Serving the Gig harbor and surrounding areas for almost twenty years.


Serving the Gig harbor and surrounding areas for almost twenty years. Your plumbing brings you life giving water and improves your quality of living, and we take that very seriously. Big Bird Plumbing is committed to giving you the highest quality Plumbing Service in the Gig Harbor Area. Cal and Jason are your, “go to” plumbers. Happy to be there with you through every phase of the construction or repair process. We specialize in every facet of plumbing, from servicing your faucets and sinks, to installing whole house water filters & filtration systems, to complete remodels. From well pumps to the newest tankless water heaters, we are committed to all your plumbing needs. We understand that having a perfectly operating plumbing system in your home is an integral part of your life, so call us, we’ll fix it.


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  • How I Found Trust in the Trades
    January 21, 2022 Comments Off on How I Found Trust in the Trades You may be thinking, “You actually trust trade’s people?” The answer is “Yes, I really do! But there is more to my answer – let me explain.” When I was young, I developed a fear of people taking advantage of me. It guided my decisions even as a child because I really didn’t want to be “ripped off” or lied to. It’s possible that many times I missed out on opportunities due to my lack of trust, but I learned to follow my gut and I felt pretty good about my decisions.   As I grew up, I was intrigued by the fact that many people have a higher than normal level of distrust for tradespeople. I was hooked! I learned everything I could about trust and the trades. Today, I can proudly tell you that I have the secret to trusting trades. I also offer clients a trustworthy option as the owner of Quality Plumbing & Heating, based upon ensuring our clients never feel taken advantage of. So how do you know if you can trust a trade?   To be honest, this works for anything or anyone, and I believe it is the best way to avoid dealing with people that cannot be trusted. For many years, I relied on gut instinct alone, and although that worked reasonably well, I soon discovered the following solid methodology. The challenge when trusting trades The reason trades are one of the toughest to trust for me, is because we need them but don’t want them.  Harsh but true. To make it even tougher, it’s the last thing we want to spend money on or planned to spend money on.  Granted, we do at times plan a renovation or new build, yet we still feel like we pay too much for heat, hot water, and even lighting.  The difference in some of these is perspective. Lighting gets exciting when we get to pick the light itself, yet the wires to make it work clearly cost too much because they get buried in a wall.  We use hot water every day and consider it a life source. We heat our homes for about 9 months a year most of the time in Calgary. If one of these goes down, man are we bitter! What’s important to realize is why we are so upset this happened.  At this stage it isn’t even about the trade, it’s about

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  • 10 Reasons to Become a Plumber
    January 14, 2022 Comments Off on 10 Reasons to Become a Plumber We’ve all heard about the shortage of skilled tradespeople in the United States, and the increasing age of those that are left. If you’re at this site, it’s probably safe to say that you have some slight interest in plumbing. Maybe you’re a plumber yourself, an avid DIY-er, or simply the curious sort. Perhaps you know someone who is. Whatever the case may be, if a new career is in the offing, there’s no reason to not consider plumbing. In fact, there are ten really good reasons to consider it! 1. Job stability. The need for plumbers is kind of like the need for doctors – everyone everywhere will always need them. Being a plumber offers you a certain level of security: a good plumber can always find employment, and the job can’t be outsourced! 2. Less student loan debt. College students these days are graduating with tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loan debt. Choosing a trade like plumbing often means you can attend vocational school or a community college for significantly less money, and then enter an apprenticeship where you’re actually paid while you learn the trade. 3. Advancement opportunities. Plumbing is a licensed and regulated trade, and you can choose to work your way all the way up to the master level if you have the ambition to do so. Master plumbers have a higher salary, more job flexibility, and more opportunities than many other professions. 4. Job variety. Being a plumber doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing house calls and fixing toilets all day (unless you want to, of course). Plumbers work in all kinds of industries. You could find a job designing plumbing systems for new buildings, deciding how to manage, repair, and expand city/municipal water systems, or developing new plumbing technologies. Where there’s water and people, there’s a need for plumbing. The opportunities are almost endless! 5. Independence. Professional plumbers can always choose to go into business for themselves. Owning your own plumbing business means you can work when you want and where you want, which is great for those who have family obligations or need flexibility in scheduling or location. 6. Personal benefits. As a plumber, you’ll be working your body and your mind all the time. Analyzing problems, developing solutions, and handling day-to-day business transactions will keep your mind sharp, and the physical requirements of the job can keep your body active and healthy. 7. Job satisfaction. Plumbers really do

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    December 28, 2021 Comments Off on 7 PRACTICAL TIPS FOR SAVING WATER AROUND THE HOUSE The most recent information from the EPA shows that the average U.S. household uses more than 300 gallons of water per day. However, now that many people are spending more time at home, that number might be even higher. Whereas most of us were relying on restrooms and kitchens at work and public facilities, that “business” is now being conducted at home--and as a result, water bills are going up. If you’re looking to lower your water usage and start saving money, there are several ways to begin, starting with some good habits and some “water-smart” plumbing improvements. START SMALL: 3 WATER-SAVING HABITS YOU CAN START TODAY 1. Use a “shower bucket.” If you’re like most people, you have to wait a minute or two before the hot water starts coming out of your bathtub or shower faucet. During that time, 2.5 to 3 gallons of water can go down the drain! Instead of letting it go to waste, collect it in a bucket or other large container to use for tasks like house cleaning, making homemade cleaning solutions, watering plants, shaving, and handwashing delicate clothing items. 2. Use your dishwasher rather than handwashing. Many people are surprised to learn that handwashing requires more water and energy than using a relatively new dishwasher. If you own an ENERGY-STAR certified dishwasher, you’re definitely missing out by handwashing because your efficient appliance can reduce your water usage by nearly 5,000 gallons a year. 3. Only wash full loads of laundry. Some newer washing machines can adjust how much water they add to the cycle based on how many clothes are going in. However, if you're like most people, your washing machine adds the same amount of water regardless. This is why you should postpone doing the laundry (yes, you have a legitimate excuse!) until you have at least one full load to wash. NEXT STEPS: 4 SMART PLUMBING IMPROVEMENTS 1. Repair small leaks. Don’t let “small leaks” like a dripping faucet or a toilet that won’t stop running slip under your radar. WaterSense reports that leaks in the average U.S. home account for more than 10,000 gallons of wasted water yearly. You can run 270 loads of laundry with that amount of water! 2. Equip your faucets with aerators. Frequent handwashing is a must to prevent illnesses from spreading, but that can lead to a lot of water down the drain. An aerator injects air into the water coming out

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