• Welcome to Big Bird Plumbing
    Serving the Gig harbor and surrounding areas for almost twenty years.
  • Welcome to Big Bird Plumbing
    Serving the Gig harbor and surrounding areas for almost twenty years.
  • Welcome to Big Bird Plumbing
    Serving the Gig harbor and surrounding areas for almost twenty years.


Serving the Gig harbor and surrounding areas for almost twenty years. Your plumbing brings you life giving water and improves your quality of living, and we take that very seriously. Big Bird Plumbing is committed to giving you the highest quality Plumbing Service in the Gig Harbor Area. Cal and Jason are your, “go to” plumbers. Happy to be there with you through every phase of the construction or repair process. We specialize in every facet of plumbing, from servicing your faucets and sinks, to installing whole house water filters & filtration systems, to complete remodels. From well pumps to the newest tankless water heaters, we are committed to all your plumbing needs. We understand that having a perfectly operating plumbing system in your home is an integral part of your life, so call us, we’ll fix it.


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Latest Posts

  • How to Fix a Dripping Shower Head
    November 17, 2021 Comments Off on How to Fix a Dripping Shower Head Few things in life are more annoying than the incessant drip, drip, drip of a leaky shower head. For some reason, the human brain cannot tune out the sound—the more you try, the louder it seems to get. And beyond the irritation it causes, a leaky shower can also be expensive over time, especially if the drip is from the hot water valve. Shower Head Leaking? Think Again While it may seem like your dripping shower head is the root of the problem, it’s not. A leaky shower is usually due to an issue with the faucet valve stem and/or valve cartridge. Your shower head is likely fine. Replacing a faucet valve stem and/or valve cartridge can be difficult. Below we have included step-by-step instructions for attempting the job on your own. If the project seems too difficult, it’s always smart to contact a professional plumber who knows exactly what needs to be done and how to do it correctly. Before you begin, shut off the water supply to the shower. There may be a shut-off valve in the bathroom, or you may need to shut off the main water for the whole house.Keep in mind that there will likely be some water remaining in the shower lines, so be prepared for a slight downpour when you begin.Place a towel over the bottom of the tub/shower, covering the drain. This will protect the surface from damage if you drop a tool and will keep small parts out of the drain. How to Fix an In-Wall Faucet Valve Here’s how to fix a dripping shower head by repairing the in-wall faucet valves in ten steps: Turn off the water supply to the tub/shower, and cover the drain with a towel.If you have a two-valve system, determine which side is causing the shower leak. If the stem is warm and/or the drip is hot, it is likely the hot side.Remove the handle or knob. Then remove the faceplates and sleeves that cover the valve and valve body. Set these aside.Now that you can see the valve and valve body, unscrew the valve stem and/or cartridge from the valve body with an adjustable wrench. In some cases, you may need to use a cartridge tool specifically designed for your faucet brand.Take the valve stem and/or cartridge to a hardware store to purchase the appropriate replacement parts.All washers and/or O-rings, as well as the

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  • Lime Green Van With the Big Red Bird
    November 1, 2021 Comments Off on Lime Green Van With the Big Red Bird It’s a bird, it’s a – yep, it’s a bird, a big red bird on a bright green box van!  We have become known for our lime green vans with the big red bird, and that is often what people associate with us first.  It is so fun getting calls asking “Are you the company with the big green vans with the bird on the side?  I see your vans everywhere!” When we started Robins Plumbing, Inc in 2004 we had some big decisions to make, not just the name of our company but the look. We knew how we wanted to do business and now we had to decide how we would best market ourselves affordably while branding our image and name. The lime green – We call this green Robins Plumbing Green and this green represents energy to us. This green is energetic, bright, and eye-catching. The walls in our office are even Robins Plumbing green to bring zest and energy to the environment we work in each day. The big red robin – We wanted a character that reflected a little about who we are. A robin seemed like a no-brainer considering the name Robins Plumbing but rather than a traditional colored robin we wanted something more eye-catching and fun that also showed our love for the Arizona Cardinals. Box vans – We chose to drive large box vans rather than panel vans for several reasons, mostly the convenience of our clients.  There are few things clients value more than their time, and no one wants a plumber at their house all day because they had to make multiple trips for parts or for someone to come with specialty equipment. Our large box vans may seem heavy on fuel use but we actually use dramatically less fuel than using a traditional panel van because we are a shop on wheels and rarely need to run for parts or equipment. Robins Plumbing, Inc – Our company name is simple, it is the last name of the owners and while we could have chosen many names that were catchier we chose our last name because we are signing our name to the work we perform. When you sign something you’re committed, and that is who we are, committed to the satisfaction of our clients and to our reputation. Mini-Me – We also have little Scion’s that are lettered like the vans, and

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  • What Is the Proper Toilet Flange Height?
    October 27, 2021 Comments Off on What Is the Proper Toilet Flange Height? When your toilet flange is unlevel or not set to the right height, the toilet may wobble or even leak at the base. To eliminate these issues, it’s important to ensure your flange is set to the right height, and if it’s broken or damaged in any way, you’ll also want to replace it. If you’re unsure what exactly is a toilet flange is, it’s what your toilet sits on. This little device connects your toilet to your home’s waste line. This is why it’s so important for the flange to level. An unlevel flange-like already mentioned, can make your toilet wobble or leak at the base. If you think your flange is not set to the right height, or it needs to be replaced, then you’ll want to do that right away. For those that don’t already know, the proper toilet flange height is when it’s flush with the top of the finished floor. The optimum height is about ¼ inch. It’s easier to get your flange flush with the floor if you first lay your flooring before you install the flange. If you’ve already laid your flooring, and the toilet flange is too high or unlevel, there are a few things you can do. First, you can pack grout into the gap between the floor and the flange. Give the grout 24-hours to dry and sand down the rough edges.Second, you can raise your floor by laying down thicker tile. This is quite a job and takes a while.Third, you can take off the flange as well as the toilet and trim down the waste pipe that comes up through your bathroom floor. This opening of this pipe should be level and flush with the floor. You’ll need some sort of a saw to do this. Your last option is to simply replace the flange. Replacing or adjusting the height of your flange Standart wax ring When you install your toilet flange, it should be installed on top of the finished floor, and it should also be installed perfectly level. If your flange sits even or below the floor, then it’s wrong. It has to sit evenly on top of the finished floor. This is very important. The reason being is because the toilet recesses into the flange when fully installed, but when the flange sits even or below the floor, the toilet can’t properly recess into the flange. As a result,

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