Waterline Repair & Replacement

Waterline RepairBroken waterlines can be devastating, and within minutes can cause a flood, result in thousands of dollars of damage and/or cause mold and/or pest problems. Big Bird Plumbing seeks out to handle your Gig Harbor and greater Tacoma area waterline repair and replacement needs urgently to avoid those costly challenges before they happen. These problems can often times be found ahead of time when noticing a higher water bill then usual. Even if the problem is unseen, a noticeably higher bill could mean there’s a leak between the water meter and your house.

Our professional Gig Harbor and greater Tacoma area plumbers can help you identify a potential problem by walking you through a simple process for testing a potential leak over the phone by monitoring the indicator after closing the main shutoff valve.

Should your waterline be beyond repair, Big Bird Plumbing can dedicate the same timely service for waterline installations. Determining your existing waterlines’ depth and location can be determined by one of our experienced professionals who will explain the process as simply as possible to ensure peace of mind.

Call for Waterline Repair

Regardless of your waterline type (plastic, poly, steel or copper), Big Bird Plumbing is here to find and repair waterline leaks quickly. Most importantly, our speedy and thorough is intended to prevent any damage to your property at a competitive rate. The quicker we can service you, the more money you’ll save avoiding costly damages and ensuring your family receives safe and quality water.


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