Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Installation & RepairTankless water heater installation is quickly becoming the water heater of choice when your current water heater needs to be replaced. ┬áTankless water heaters are desired for their high efficiency levels, energy savings, space savings and more. Tankless water heaters are different from conventional water heaters in that they do not hold a tank of water. Instead, they instantly heat water as it travels through a copper coil. In other words, water is heated only when a faucet is turned on. This translates into cost savings to Big Bird Plumbing’s customers.

Big Bird Plumping uses the latest technologies and materials in the process of tankless water heater installation and repair. From running a new gas line to running water lines and venting, the plumbers at Big Bird Plumbing is trained to do it in a manner that is effective and safe to the home or business.

Big Bird Plumbing has installed many tankless water heaters in Gig Harbor, Tacoma and surrounding areas. We understand the codes and requirements for each jurisdiction. Our plumbers are experienced with many different installation scenarios from commercial-high demand to a small residential home. We can accommodate virtually any situation.

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