Toilet Repair & Installation

Toilet RepairOnce your toilet begins to behave irregularly, it’s very important to make necessary repairs as quickly as possible to avoid the expense of needing a replacement and/or closet flange replacement/repairs. Also a leaking toilet can cause extensive damage to surrounding floors. If your commode has a leak, backs up, continuously runs or flat out fails to flush, Big Bird Plumbing is here to provide you with immediate toilet repair services in Gig Harbor.

Our Gig Harbor plumbing professionals take the time to inform you of the exact repairs needed to ensure your peace of mind in a thorough, cost effective and speedy repair.  In some cases, toilets which have frequent clogs, exhibit a lot of wear and tear, fixed to rusty flanges, has frequently overflowed or has been maintained poorly,  may be beyond repair.

A toilet replacement is not always the costly inconvenience many generally dread once the need has been identified.  It’s expected that toilets become unattractive and in need of more attention as they age.  At the same time, a toilet replacement can improve your bathrooms overall appearance, save money on your energy bill and even increase your home’s value.

If a toilet replacement is in order, Big Bird Plumbing can work with you to install any number of existing brands including Kohler, Gerber, Crane, Briggs and many more.

Call for Emergency Toilet Repair or Installation

Whether a simple clog, or a much needed emergency bathroom remodel, Big Bird Plumbing provides Gig Harbor toilet repair and installation services in a timely fashion.  Give us a call to discuss your toilets symptoms and we’ll identify your needs as well as provide a free estimate.


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