Faucet Repair & Installation

Faucet RepairWhen it comes to sink faucet repair and installation, you can be rest assured that our professional plumbers are prepared to make sure you and your family can control the flow of water  seamlessly upon completing any repairs or installations.

Our professional plumbers often times make repair and maintenance suggestions regarding a homes’ faucets and sinks to assist you in preventing future problems and/or to help educate you on the care of any professional plumbing services we have worked to complete with you.

In many cases, faucets can use a replacement of old gaskets, valve seats which tend to become easily corroded and o-rings.  However, we don’t recommend taking on this seemingly simple task on your own.  It’s important to make sure the proper parts are replaced for whichever faucet-type you have in your home.

For those rare situation that repair could amount to more than the cost of a replacement, Big Bird Plumbing can help you decide what type of faucets you’d like installed in addition to understanding the differences of quality between brands.

When installing new faucets, we also take the responsibility of removing your old and installing a new one.  From carefully disposing of your old and replacing with the new, Big Bird Plumping will provide a thorough installation by replacing supply lines, strainers and traps as well as any necessary caulking.


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